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My portfolio at 23 years old

It has been a little over 2 years ago that I started reading into stocks and bought a few stocks. As a university student now, I lack the financial capital as before and priorities are now different. As such, I don't find myself trying to read as much as before, but I'm glad the habit of reading the posts on has stuck with me. 

So these are my current stocks: 

Current Market Value 
Return (dividends and capital gains/loss) 
CDL Hospitality Trusts
CapitaMall Trust


Individual Stocks
So long as I felt that the new growth engines were reasonable, a PB ratio that was lower than 1 and the companies could afford to pay or reservice debt, I bought it. An exception to the PB benchmark was Singtel.

While I can say that for now, I'm inclined to believe that it works because the market prices are now higher, that belief can also change overnight. The true test will come if market prices go into the red. 

Another mistake was the high transaction costs in comparison to the number of shares I bought and worse of all, I underestimated the costs when it added up. 

I find that I often lack the perseverance in trying to analyse company reports and may be better off in just following the market. 

Started the POSB Invest-Saver back in late 2015. This was my first foray into investing and it turned out better than the individual stocks, largely due to the surge in market prices from the big players in the STI like the banks.  

I do not hold any part-time job and my main cash flow is now from my parents and savings from past part-time jobs and NS. Right now, my main focus is on studies and unless there is really a huge bargain, I will probably not make any purchases until I reach internship. I did not do well at all for the university mid-terms and I will need to work harder to catch up in the exams. 

Till next time, 


  1. Moshi moshi!!

    Nice portfolio you have there! Wonderful to know another young prudent individual out there. Looking forward to learn and read more post from you!!

    1. こんにちわ!


      Haha. I'm far from young. It's commendable that you started having the mindset in poly which I didn't.

      Your posts on investing are much more comprehensive than mine. So I'll have to learn from you instead.


    2. 日本の生活はとてもいいです!

    3. そうですか. ずっと学校で忙しかった. 疲れた.あなたは日本語が上手になりましたか?

    4. 私はまだ練習中です!!


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